3 ways to explore Joburg


Everyone should make an effort to get to know the city they live in. The beauty of cities is that they are so vast and complex that one can never fully know them; only scratch the surface.

There are some fantastic city tours in Joburg which give a most glorious scratch:

  • The Red Bus is a must for everyone in this town. The route is mostly around the CBD and south, and the info is fascinating. A day hopping on and off is well spent, and the views from the top of a double decker bus are in themselves a treat (not to mention the view from the Carlton Centre). End off in Braam for a beer.
  • Joburg Heritage Foundation is  very much alive, active and just fantastic. They are incredibly knowledgeable and run regular walking and bus tours of heritage buildings and areas of the city. I’ve done the Randlords’ Mansions and Yeoville tours, and plan on more!
  • Past experiences is another winner. These guys know the CBD inside out, and are experts in art, culture and general happenings of interest. I did a tour of the Ethiopian area of the CBD with them and would recommend it to anyone. Their street art tours are also very popular.

I’ve never been on a city tour where I did not come away inspired. There is so much to explore here. Go wild.


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