GeoJozi Developer Winners

The City of Joburg is going full steam ahead in promoting ICT.

If you haven’t heard about Tshimologong, Braamfontein’s new digital innovation hub, where have you been? (Well, a friend of mine who studies electrical engineering there hadn’t heard about it a month after it was launched. They were in the middle of the #FeesMustFall riots though)

The latest in Good Tech News for the youth of Jozi is this: The GeoJozi Developer Challenge has run its course. Thapelo Sekwana, who won R150k for his idea (an app that uses gaming and crowdsourcing to in addressing and validating addresses) was not the only winner.

Director for Corporate Geo-Informatics for the City of Johannesburg, Marcelle Hattingh, explained: “We had three goals for this challenge which were achieved: We wanted to emphasise the importance of a street addresses to have a high functioning inclusive society; to demonstrate the power of location-based technology and to develop GIS talent in our city.”

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