Joburg floods: We had it coming

Could last week’s insane flooding have been avoided?

In 2014 a team of researchers from North West University, University of Pretoria and Wits University did some investigation. They looked at climate futures, and with this, the impacts on water services in Ekurhuleni.

They found that urbanisation has had a major effect on our cities’ ability to cope with stormwater, which makes sense. If you cover everything in tar and concrete, you’re going to have all that water with nowhere it can gently soak into the ground. Instead it gathers into rivers and torrents, washes all sorts of things away downstream.

Here’s a small excerpt:

The urban and infrastructure development has had a major impact on infiltration of water in EMM. It is estimated, using EMM development data, that urbanisation has resulted in an increase in surface water run-off by almost 300 percent above the natural catchment yield.

More on it here:

Some pics off Twitter (#JoburgFloods)

JOburg Floods 1 floods


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