The air we breathe


Air pollution in African cities is a bigger problem than anticipated. Not only are coal-burning and fuel-guzzling candidates the cause, but the everyday kerosene lamps that proliferate around low cost (and no-cost) housing are a major contributor, according to this report.

Scientists aren’t sure exactly how bad air pollution is in Africa but think it’s worse than we thought

Why is this a problem? The poorer people in our societies¬†are the ones who will suffer most, of course, which is not to say we won’t all be breathing the same kak. Economically this brings a burden to healthcare and the economy, with far-reaching effects on all of us.

Developing healthy cities, with low-emissions transport and energy sources (renewable energy to the fore!) is a possibility. Imagine a city where everyone had access to clean energy and, as a part of their daily lives, access to green, open spaces for fresh air; walkable neighbourhoods; and affordable, healthy food.

That, for me, is the beginning of a healthy city for all.


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