List of smart cities announced in Africa

These are all cities whose governments have announced their launch as “smart cities”, with live projects underway. Bear in mind that these cities may have been announced as smart cities, but might not be pervasively so. This would take years, of course. This list will be updated as more smart cities are announced. Benin Sèmè…


Rise of African Megacities

What will drive IoT in the African megacity?

Africa’s Future Is Urban

Yes, we all kinda knew that, didn’t we? That’s not to say there’s nothing for rural, but there’s economy in cities. A recent report, the African Futures paper, by Julia Bello-Schünemann and Ciara Aucoin of the Institute for Security Studies has brought to light some big numbers. The report forecasts that in 2030, Lagos, Cairo and Kinshasa will each have to cater…